Chef's Knives

Chef's knives are the main knives in the kitchen. It is a must have type for every kitchen. Two most common chef's knives types are Western style and Japanese style.

Western chef’s knife (also called German chef's knife) has thick blade, there for it is heavier. Their blades usually have a gradual curve that lends itself to a rocking cutting motion. Both the weight and blade shape make a German or Western blade ideal for those more laborious tasks like rough chopping, dicing, and cutting harder, more dense vegetables.

Japanese chef's knife (also called Gyuto) has a thinner blade compared to Western style knives, they usually have harder steel and smaller belly. Due to thinner blade Japanese gyuto knives are lighter than the Western style chef's knives.

More types of chef's knife also exists, for example Serbian chef's knife or Chineese chef's knife

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