Japanese knives

Japan has a historic reputation for making the very best blades and the Seki city is called the capital of blades in Japan. Japanese kitchen knives tend to use harder steel than western-style knives, which is usually achieved by using steel with higher level of Carbon. With the harder steel blades can whit stand lower sharpening angle. For example typical western style kitchen knives usually has the angle of 15-20 degrees on each site (30-40 degrees total) while Japanese knives often has 8-12 degrees per side. Such angle with a softer steel would not be able to hold its' edge for long enough. Also the smaller angle means the sharper the knife is. Thats why Japanese knives usually are sharper than western style knives. Because of harder steel Japanese knives retains its' edge for longer. The harder steels allows Japanese knives to have thinner blade and because of that they can be lighter. That's the main reasons why Japanese knives are often called to be the best knives.

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